A NEW REALITY: Let’s Innovate for Change

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, YOUNG LEADER, GLOBAL CITIZEN, If these words speak to you, then you need to meet Janani Shivakumar, the founder and president of Girls Play Global.

This Friday, Janani will give a speech for the 3rd Edition of A NEW REALITY: Tech Summit for Girls, along with other inspiring women who are using technology to change the world.⁠

⁠Here’s more about Janani and her amazing initiative:⁠

⁠Janani Shivakumar is a sophomore at Metuchen High School in New Jersey, a passionate social justice activist, and the founder and president of Girls Play Global, a non-profit initiative to empower girls in rural India through sports. She is also a United Nations SGDs youth advocate and an international speaker to raise awareness for gender equality and climate change. Janani is actively involved in several international organizations working towards establishing a more sustainable and ethical world for all. ⁠

⁠Want to meet Janani and learn more about her story?

Join us on May 29. 12-3:30pm EST | Online



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