Empowering girls globally

‘Boys will be boys’ and ‘Girls don’t play sports’ are often said in attempts to keep girls “quiet”. We are expected to stay silent and follow rules, keep our heads down and not play rough. When children are brought up in a society that places such restrictions on girls, we are affecting their perspective and mindset towards any situation in life. If girls are unable to see what they are capable of, chances are that they will be taken advantage of. Not only is it important to teach girls that they can be just as competitive as anyone else, but we should also be teaching boys to respect their equals.

Underdeveloped and developing countries are faced with the issue of promoting gender equality and getting rid of their traditional views. However, by doing so, they are ensuring that the lives of girls around the world are treated with just as much value as the life of a boy.

Providing girls with a platform to collaborate and work as a team to accomplish a goal allows them to gain real-world experience. Whether they are on the field trying to score a goal or attempting to be the next president, they cannot reach great heights without a strong support system. Our organization’s role in societies that often discriminate girls, is to provide opportunities for girls to harness their inner talent. When girls are given the right opportunities, they have the power to accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

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