Message on the boy’s locker room incident

By Janani Shivakumar, Founder & President

As an organization that was started due to the oppression and discrimination towards girls and women within the Indian patriarchal society, we at Girls Play Global feel that it is important to address and speak up against issues as sickening as the BOY’S LOCKER ROOM.

Please note that this is not an isolated incident, but rather the only group that was actually caught for their vulgar behavior.

Recently, an instagram account known as BOISLOCKERROOM was caught sharing and body shaming girls’ intimate pictures, many of whom are underage, through several group chats. The boys involved used several obscene terms while referring to these girls, including mentions of r*pe.

Although it is important to empower women to ensure that they are not afraid to speak up for themselves and fight for gender equality, it is equally important to educate boys at a young age regarding their behavior towards girls.

Indian society has for too long, allowed this type of vulgar behavior to go unseen or overlooked as they claim “boys will be boys.”

Education matters at a young age and should start in the household. Boys too, should be taught how to behave themselves & to not view girls as “objects” to be desired.

Sexual education is rarely discussed in Indian schools as it is considered a taboo. This mindset gives way to repulsive behavior.

Boys, it is NOT ok to disrespect women, it is NOT “cool” to objectify women, and it is NOT alright to be complicit to this behavior even if you do not participate in it yourself.

IT’S 2020.

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